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Recreational Parks of Moncton

Moncton has 4 large recreational parks: Centennial Park , Mapleton , Irishtown Nature Park and Riverfront Park . All of them are imbedded in the city. Moncton has lots of neat little trails that are picturesque and enjoyable for walking or jogging. But unfortunately according to Statistics Canada, only 5000 people walk to their work, while as many as about 60,000 Monctonians drive to their place of employment. Women tend walk more often than men.

Curtesy of Tourism Moncton

Centennial Park

Centennial Park in PicturesThe 230 acres of the Centennial park are stretched between Killam Drive and St George street right in the middle of Moncton. It is probably the most visited park of the Greater Moncton area. The park offers variety for activities: hiking, lawn bowling, tennis, paddle boating, swimming, sunbathing. Children can play on the several playgrounds.

Tennis in the Centennial Park

There are several tennis courts in the Park, and usually there is always a spare one. Unfortunately you if you want to play tennis you need to come with your own racket. There is also a small fee for playing on the courts. Playing while it rains / snows is not allowed.

Winter Activities in the Centennial Park

On sunny Winter days it is a lot of fun to go skiing in the park. Centennail has various trails that you can follow. If you want to see the entire park you will have to cover a distance of 17 km! But its worth it! Ski trail is well lit, in fact they say it is one of the longest lit-cross-country ski trail in the Atlantic Canada!

You can also sled, skate, and more!

Browse our own collection of pictures of the Centennial Park:

Mapleton Park

The park is located off the Gorge Road. It is one of the favourite walking places for folks in the nearby subdivisions. The park resides on the wetlands and has two lakes inside. The main trails are quite wide. You can easily run, skii, and cycle there. But whats more exiting are the little trails off the main one. By going through the junggles of grass and branches you can truly appreciate the nature in the middle of an urban setting. In the winder you can skii on the surface of the two lakes. The park covers about 300 acres. View Pictures of Mapleton Park in the Winter.

Riverfront Park - Promenade

Riverfront Promenade is a streach of land along the Petitcodiac River that starts in Dieppe, and goes through the historic Moncton’s Downtown and ends at the Riverview’s causeway.

Browse our own collection of pictures of the Riverfront Park:

The Irishtown nature park

The Irishtown Nature Park is located on the Irishtown Road just north of the Trans Canada highway. The park contains 1800 acres of forest, wetland and a lake. Balsam fir, maples, white pines and poplar encircle the old reservoir, which was formerly used by the City of Moncton as the main water reserve. If you are patient and quiet you can come across a deer, moose, raccoon, beaver, bald eagle osprey, heron, hawks and more animals. Out of all the Moncton parks, the Irishtown nature park is the most renowned for its wild inhabitants.

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